winter sunrise at the lake, lake monticello, palmyra, virginia | rod nasbe / photography

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evolution of a business card | rod nasbe / photography

concept (above)

mockup (below)

final (below)

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wedding photography cards | rod nasbe / photography

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tips for looking thinner | rod nasbe photography

  • use longer focal length lens
  • shoot from above the model (e.g, from a few steps higher on stairs)
  • choose background to match model’s clothing (dark-dark or light-light)
  • try having light come from 45 degrees front (to cast shadows that “narrow” the face)
  • straight hair, framing the face (hiding the cheeks)
  • solid, dark (or neutral) color clothes (similar top & bottom)
  • avoid prints
  • avoid thin, clingy fabrics
  • empire-style dress/blouse or loose-fitting jacket with straight lines
  • long sleeves
  • deep v-neck top
  • long necklace
  • heels
  • turn body 45 degrees to camera
  • chin up, forehead out slightly (to elongate neck)
  • don’t look at the camera head-on
  • bend forward from waist (slightly)
  • stand erect, shoulders back, stomach in
  • arms away from body (e.g., hands on hips) to allow waist to be seen
  • when sitting, try leaning forward toward camera
  • try shots looking over shoulder
  • try shots sitting on bench, twisting body to look over back of bench


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tips for outdoor portrait sessions | rod nasbe photography

tips for outdoor portrait sessions


●  agree on a definite date, time, and place for the shoot

●  given uncertain weather forecasts, remain flexible ­ to continuing the shooting in changed conditions, to changing the location, to taking a rain delay, or to postponing the shoot to another day

●  bright sunny days are fine, but shooting in the middle of the day can be challenging, with harsh bright and dark areas

●  the photographer’s “golden hour” at sunset can be a beautiful time of day

●  cloudy days are a photographer’s friend, as they provide a natural light diffuser, helping to eliminate unwanted shadows

●  even rain and snow can make for fun sessions and interesting portraits


●  wear an outfit that you feel good in

●  wear clothes and colors that suit you

●  simple color scheme

●  solid colors are almost always good

●  darker colors are more slimming

●  lighter tones can emphasize body size

●  scoops or v­necks flatter shorter necks and full faces

●  turtlenecks are better for longer necks and slender faces

●  dress everyone in similar style clothing ­- casual vs formal

●  coordinate colors

●  jeans and sweaters always look good outdoors

●  match socks and shoes to outfit

●  wear fun socks, shoes

●  avoid hats that might cast a shadow over the face

●  avoid jewelry that would distract from the face


●  relax

●  ignore the camera

●  interact with others in your group

●  realize that many shots are taken to find a few keepers

●  trust the photographer to delete unflattering images

●  don’t pose or expect the photographer to pose you

●  instead, be natural and respond to general directions from the photographer

●  be prepared to change position, setting, clothing, props ­ all in an effort to capture natural looking postures, gestures, and expressions

●  strike a natural position – standing, sitting, lying down, upside down

●  play, experiment with various poses

●  point your nose away from the camera ­ – a bit down, a bit to the side – while extending your chin just a little

●  look at the camera sometimes

●  but, mostly look elsewhere

●  don’t feel you have to smile

●  smile whenever you feel like it

●  on bright sunny days, expect the photographer to turn your back to the sun, to avoid squinty faces

●  look lovingly at your partner

●  if you look at the camera, look lovingly there, too

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tips for preparing a home for photography | rod nasbe / photography


•       mow the lawn, trim edges, prune foliage
•       remove cars
•       stage outdoor areas as lived-in rooms
•       eliminate outdoor furniture that does not match design standard of main subject
•       remove grills, toys, hoses
•       put away garbage cans
•       sweep and hose down paved surfaces, brick patio, concrete pool surround, driveways, walkways to darken them
•       adjust blinds and curtains (either completely open or all at the same level)


•       remove all clutter
•       remove family photos
•       conceal trash containers
•       keep newspapers out of sight
•       make sure rugs lie flat
•       remove unsightly rugs

lights / lamps / fans
•       open window blinds and drapes to reveal the view
•       turn inside lights on
•       conceal lamp cords, electrical devices
•       fans off

•       conceal pets
•       remove pet food bowls and toys

•       adjust window, curtains, blinds to be at same level
•       window boxes are fine if they do not block the view

•       make sure the entry way looks clear
•       shoes and coats out of sight

•       clear papers and other clutter from tabletops and counters
•       ensure dishes are put away
•       remove rags and towels from faucets and ovens
•       remove collections from top of cabinets or counters
•       clear the island
•       remove toaster, microwave, coffee pot, etc., from view
•       clear the refrigerator
•       conceal the kitchen garbage
•       empty the sink and put the soap under the sink

dining room
•       add table settings to dining room table
•       add fresh flowers, candles
•       avoid half-filled glasses

living room / family room
•       ensure that art and lampshades are hanging straight
•       pick up any piles of books and magazines from the floor or coffee table
•       remove family photos
•       clear clutter from mantles and pianos
•       pick up toys
•       remove distractions
•       add glowing fire or arrange logs for fire
•       remove fire screens
•       eliminate fire tools

•       beds neatly made
•       make sure bottom edge of dust ruffle meets, and is parallel with, the floor
•       clothes in the hamper
•       clear clutter from dressers and bedside tables

•       remove medicines, bottles, wastebaskets, small rugs, hair driers, etc., from view
•       make sure towels are hung neatly, straight
•       shower/bath items should be placed out of sight
•       toilet lids down
•       arrange a few perfume bottles, soap bars
•       coordinate towels, folded neatly
•       use flowers to conceal unwanted items

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